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I have sent payment with Bitcoin, but I didn't receive accounts. What should I do?


The most important thing you need to receive your accounts after bitcoin payment is transaction hash.

It usually looks like 9ff60acccd77404b169fde30ba1156088b372a1d875a9ca811134318e28df0f0 - there are 64 symbols and it is used to confirm your payment.

We do always give you an address to send BTC to. If you don't know what is your hash, you can always find it using Blockchain.info. Here is how to do it:

You will receive the result page with transaction id shown:


Please, use this link to search for your accounts using your transaction hash. Sometimes it takes a few hours to get 3 confirmation from bitcoin, so, please, be patient and try to repeat your search after some time.

If you are still unable to find your link to accounts, please, create a new ticket with the following information:

  • Bitcoin transaction hash, that confirms your payment
  • Payment time and date
  • Invoice number (if you have it)

This will help us to find your payment faster and to deliver your accounts earlier.

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