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Why Accounts are More Expensive If I Pay with Paypal


There are three main reasons why paying with Paypal is the most expensive way to get accounts - fees, commissions and payment reversibility

As you know, Paypal charges enormous fees, especially for small payments. We encourage you to visit Paypal Fee Calculator to see their fees. The less you pay, the less seller receives. For $1 payment they would charge 33% in fees. For larger amounts situation is a bit better, but anyway you won't get less than 4.4% in fees. 

Our payment processor charges us 12% for Paypal processing as it is a High Risk method of getting paid. Paypal accounts may be frozen without clear reasons, with funds hold for months, that's why there is another extra rate to be paid. 

And finally, all Paypal payments may be reversed within 180 days. Also without any certain reasons. In 90% of such cases Paypal decides that buyer is right and deducts such payments from our balance, amoung with chargeback fee.  

That's why we had to increase our rates. When you pay with Bitcoin, you control the fee! When you pay using Perfectmoney - you pay a small 0.5% fee, and seller pays nothing. It is also impossible to revert these payments, so we can be sure funds are on our side. 

That's why we strongly encourage you to avoid Paypal payments if you can. If you insist on paying with Paypal - don't complain about fees! 

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