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Я потерял ссылку на купленные аккаунты (редиректы). Что делать?
Где можно посмотреть примеры редиректов?
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Аккаунты Gmail
Как правильно заходить в аккаунты Gmail и прочие сервисы от Google
Подтверждаете ли Вы аккаунты Gmail через SMS?
Общие вопросы
Как пользоваться аккаунтами Одноклассников
Я хочу использовать купленные аккаунты позже. Есть ли на них гарантия?
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I want to pay with Paypal. How do I do that? Рейтинг статьи 2.4/5.0
If your PayPal e-mail has been approved, but you cannot see the option to pay with PayPal, please, read this. We are always ready to help you. Please, follow our instructions carefully. Here is a spec...
A need aged accounts. Do you have any? Рейтинг статьи 2.3/5.0
Yes, we have some. Please, refer to account description - if accounts are marked as aged, you can buy them. We are not planning to sell any other aged accounts, except those that are listed in the sho...
I have sent payment with Bitcoin, but I didn't receive accounts. What should I do? Рейтинг статьи 2.5/5.0
The most important thing you need to receive your accounts after bitcoin payment is transaction hash. It usually looks like 9ff60acccd77404b169fde30ba1156088b372a1d875a9ca811134318e28df0f0 - there are...
Do you have any accounts for sending out e-mails? Рейтинг статьи 3.2/5.0
No. We have Zero Tolerance policy for sending out e-mails with our accounts. We neither recommend nor guarantee accounts will work for this purpose. Please, note, that we will not refund or replace yo...
Why Small Batches Cost More? Рейтинг статьи 3.6/5.0
We prefer selling accounts in bulk quantities. That's why all orders that are less than 1000 accounts will cost you more. But anyway, this will be cheaper than you can find anywhere on the net. If you...
What to do if I have any problems with accounts? Рейтинг статьи 2.8/5.0
First of all, don't panic. We have been selling accounts for about 5 years and haven't got any unsolved problems yet. You will either get working accounts or your money back. There is no another solut...
Accounts Don't Fit My Needs. Can I ask for the refund? Рейтинг статьи 3.5/5.0
If you don't like the accounts you purchased for any reason, we can take them back and send the refund. Just specify why you are returning them and get your money back. The only requirement is that ...
Why should I save the link to accounts? Рейтинг статьи 2.8/5.0
In order to assist you faster, we need the link to accounts.  
Why are you asking so many Paypal details? Рейтинг статьи 3.7/5.0
Main reason because we're asking you so many questions about your Paypal accounts is fraud protection. We're getting several Paypal claims per month because people are using compromised accounts in ou...
Do You Provide Any Accounts With Forwarding Enabled? Рейтинг статьи 3.5/5.0
No. We don't have any e-mails with forwarding option and we do not recommend to buy our accounts for this purpose. Please, note, that no refund/replacement will be offered if you use accounts to set ...
I Need Custom Accounts (e.g. of a certain country, with certain avatars, etc. Can You Help Me? Рейтинг статьи 3.6/5.0
At the moment we cannot provide any customization. It means that we won't take an order for German or Arabic twitter accounts, accounts with a certain name mask and so on. You can only buy what you se...
What is the difference between Twitter accounts you're selling? Рейтинг статьи 4.0/5.0
As you can see, there are many types of Twitter accounts we can supply. Let's start with a brief description, so you could easier understand what you need. Cheapest option for Twitter accounts is Twi...
How to use Gmail, Google and Youtube accounts. Рейтинг статьи 4.6/5.0
 First of all, it will be better to login through Google Chrome. Also, you should use different ip's for every account.   1. If you see the following    and    
What IP addresses you should use for Google accounts Рейтинг статьи 4.4/5.0
First, we would like to remind you that all login attempts should be done using a proxy server or a clean home IP address, but not in a spam database! (IT IS IMPORTANT) So, first, let's look at the wo...
What you need to know before purchasing Facebook.com 2010 accounts Рейтинг статьи 4.4/5.0
These are not the only things to have in mind when managing Facebook accounts, but the MOST IMPORTANT is: - Better do not clear cookies but of course while accs are not warmed-up, and above all, do no...
First Authorization In Instagram: Possible Problems And How To Avoid Them Рейтинг статьи 2.1/5.0
Instagram is one of the most popular and modern social networks that allows their users to upload photos. It’s difficult to underestimate the role of Instagram in modern business. All large companies ...
Как работать с cookies, которые входят в формат аккаунтов? Рейтинг статьи 4.6/5.0
При создании аккаунтов мы кодируем все cookies в одну строку, чтобы с ними было удобнее работать. Для того, чтобы восстановить cookie в браузере Google Chrome Вам необходимо проделать следующее: Снача...
How to Resolve Unusual Account Acitivity Warning for AOL Accounts Рейтинг статьи 4.0/5.0
What to do if you get: "We've noticed some unusual account activity" occurs when logging in. When logging into account, Aol can ask for a verification code, which can be received via email, that is in...

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