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First Authorization In Instagram: Possible Problems And How To Avoid Them


Instagram is one of the most popular and modern social networks that allows their users to upload photos. It’s difficult to underestimate the role of Instagram in modern business. All large companies got their own Instagram profiles. Thousands of enterprises promote their goods and services here. Last researches show that advertising in Instagram is very effectively over against other social networks.

Profiles, that are sold in our shop help entrepreneurs to optimize the process of product promotion in Instagram. We offer several kinds of accounts for different purposes. You may use new profiles to create accounts in order to promote your goods and services  and also you may use accounts with followers for quick start-up.

Although Instagram is an effective platform for business promotion, this social network has got strict rules. Failing to comply with these rules will most probably lead to account ban. It's very hard to restore a banned Instagram account, so it's better to avoid that to treat. :)

There are standard methods to protect Instagram from suspicious activity. Let us talk a little about them.

In order to avoid major problems, follow these three simple recommendations:
1) You should log in with private proxies that were not previously banned by Instagram.
Cheap or public proxies will not work for that purpose. Please, do not try to save money on proxies, as you will lose more on account ban.
2)   Do not exceed IP-account ratio. You may use up to 5 accounts per single clean proxy address.
However, we strongly recommend to use one account with one IP.
3)  When your are using Android devices or various emulators,do not attach more than 5 accounts to one device. We recommend to use 2-3 accounts with one device. We recommend to use some special applications for Android to access proxy servers, e.g. ProxyDroid etc.

Possible problems

It is important to understand, that accounts were created with proxies that are different from proxies that you are going to use. Though we're using high quality proxies only, in may cases Instagram will treat new IP address as suspicious one and will ask you to confirm account ownership.

Resetting your password

First measure to protect accounts by Instagram is password reset. Let's see what happens here.

This error will appear on login. You will get a message, that username and password don't match. Public access to account page will be denied.  You will get an e-mail to attached e-mail account about password reset.

What should I do

1)     Use high quality proxies.
2)     Go to e-mail and follow the link, sent by Instagram. Do not change IP address at this point, use the same IP address as you did when you tried to login.
3)    Change password, upload a picture and leave account for 2-3 days. After that try to log in using SAME IP address you used for steps 1 and 2.

Unfortunately, the last recommendation is very often violated and after changing the password users start aggressive and frequent posting. This makes accounts locked by phone.

Remember! Instagram is very effective for your business. Our accounts are checked using the best software and high quality proxies. But account stability after purchase  requires the big accuracy and forbearance. It is a specificity of this social network. All your further promotion process depends on it. We are always ready to help you with advices and recommendations. Follow them and you will save your accounts from ban and also time, money, nerves and efforts.

Blocking accounts by phone
Because of careless actions after changing the password of account Instagram may request confirmation for safety reasons by phone. This is preceded by a new dropping password and access blocking to a page.

Solution of this problem

1)     Log into the mail using initial IP-address and link it the page to drop the password
2)     drop the password and set a new one
3)     log into account by chosen IP-address, start verification by phone
4)    Phone numbers can be used from special services for verification, but we strongly recommend not to do it as there are a lot of spam numbers in these services. Spam numbers are numbers which were used earlier at the verification to other accounts and then these numbers  were detached. Using spam numbers immediately comes eternal ban of account. It is almost impossible to open access to this account. So we recommend to use only tested phone numbers for verification.  Allowable limit is 2-3 accounts  with one phone number, but no more.
Also we recommend to upload one more photo after verification and not to log in for 5-6 days.


We have considered three very important recommendations at startup of work with Instagram accounts and two main problems appearing at the first log in account and its solutions.
And now when you have got these very important advises which based on our four years’ experience with Instagram we hope that you will confidently use Instagram accounts for own purposes not losing time, efforts and nerves.

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