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What you need to know before purchasing Facebook accounts


These are not the only things to have in mind when managing Facebook accounts, but the MOST IMPORTANT is:

- Only one IP per account, and always same IP for same account. Once you start login at one account, never change IP. 

- IP must be a private and clean PROXY or VPN with no abuse history on Facebook. Cheapest proxies are not a good idea as they are used by most. NordVPN and those services changing location all the time, do not work. You can find good private proxies to use for Facebook at https://fbaccs.com/proxies 

- Also, do not use more than 3 IPs in the same subnetwork  (Ips in same subnetwork when only changes x in the IP number: A.B.C.x.). If you have to login 2-3 accounts in same subnetwork, wait 1 hour between logins.

- As soon as you login first time, DOWNLOAD the current profile picture. If you get a selfie lock, contact us by ticket and send to us this picture. We will modify to try to bypass. We recommend to upload several pictures from same person and keep one not uploaded to send to verify if locked later. DO NOT TAG AS YOURSELF UNTIL 48H PASSED AT LEAST.

- I recommend to verify a phone, but only phones which you can access later. If you are phone verified and you get security lock sending SMS to a phone you cannot access anymore, you lose account. If you do not have phones, you can buy phones here.

- Do not make anything more than download profile pic, verify a phone and perhaps upload pics to your profile, for 2 days at least. Any other suspicious actions can lock account. Remember you are login from very new location after may years inactive account. First days you are suspicious but after Facebook check you are trustworthy, the account will be VERY STRONG.

- Do not clear cookies but of course you cannot mix cookies from different accounts. Do not login two accounts with same cookies!

- You must keep cookies isolated from one account to anoother. To get this, use different browser profiles (manage Firefox profiles opening "about:profiles" page). Do not use Jarvee or multiloginapp ! They lock accounts.

- Do not change password, email, phone, name, etc,, do not activate 2nd factor security, until you have warmed-up the account everyday for at least 1 week.


- Do not join or post in groups until you had warmed-up the account enough (few weeks). Do not add method of payment and do not place ads until account warmed 1 month at least. Posting any link is suspicious too. DO NOT MAKE even the most tiny SPAM for the first days!

- Manage accounts manually. Do not use any automation software if you do not know exactly how Facebook tolerate the software, specially if account is not still warmed-up yet.

- To warm-up accounts, make daily normal user activity, from less to more activity (few likes, watch videos, play games or just spend time watching profiles). There is a good guide to follow for warming. 

- To add friends, add friends only from your same location, starting after 2-3 days only and then only a few at beginning, and increasing slowly every 2-3 days, and select those you think won't reject it. It's a good thing to cross a few messages from time in time with your friends.

 Following these rules will greatly improve account stability. Warming is the key! Please, read once again before you purchase.


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